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In 5 steps, your WormUp HOME is ready to go.

Preparation: Insert ceramic elements in water
If you have room, put the composer's ceramic elements in water for a few hours. Thus, the composter already has a base of moisture and will dry out less quickly. Nevertheless: in the beginning it is important to regularly control the humidity.

1) Provide ingredients
First, unpack the composter. HEADS UP: You will fill the composter from the bottom to the top. So you start with the floor element on the three sandstone feet. NEW: The latest version of our composter comes without a drain – using our composters, we observed that an emergency drain is not needed, because all water from the waste can evaporate. The floor element is the one with 3 cutouts for the feet. The one with the logo stamped on it is the lid.

Our first model had a hole in the floor - originally intended as an emergency drain, as the e.g. is necessary with plastic composters. If you still have a composter with a hole, cover it with the «WormUp» pottery shard or a flat stone.

Take care that the composter is not exposed to direct sunlight. It's best to place it in a sheltered, shady spot with temperatures between 10 and 30°C.

2) Filling with worms
Next, we gently fill the worms from the bag into the soil element. If the composter particularly the floor element hasn’t been soaked in water. Make sure to moisten it with a spray bottle or a PET bottle with holes in the lid.

3) Distribute and moisten worms
Carefully distribute the worms. - Since we ship the worms in a rather dry state, they now need ± 3 dl. Water. Slowly pour the water onto the surface. - IMPORTANT: In the next 12 weeks, regularly check the moisture and prevent it from drying out.

4) Prepare the first feeding of the worms
After moistening, the first feeding follows. The little rascals are hungry for your waste after their long journey. Ideal is for example:
- Soak one or two 6-ounce egg cartons or toilet paper rolls in water for 30 minutes. Then drain and chop them.
- Mix in approx. 300g biowaste (overview of worm feed).
- Distribute everything evenly over the surface and spray again with water.
- Pause for one week and then continue according to section 2.

Tip: If you lightly work the waste into the surface, this will helps to accelerate the degradation process.

Your WormUp HOME is now set up the grid gets added in later.

5) 1. Insert grid after at least 3-4 weeks
Your waste collapses during decomposing. 2cm will become 2mm! Grids are used for subdivision at «harvesting». They are mobile and gradually fall with time, down to the respective support. Check now and then that there is no space under the bars. This allows the worms to move up and down flexibly between the elements. More on our blog.

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