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Harvest your blackgold

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Not only does the worm compost feel beautiful, it also adds nutrients and strengthens your plants against pests. In just a few steps you can harvest your compost.

The black gold is harvested for the first time, when your Wormup home has filled up to the top working element and you have no room for any further waste (ie all 3 lattices are inserted and you compost just below the edge). That will be the case about 5-8 months after the start.

More to harvest time
The speed of compost production depends on temperature, humidity and number of worms. A crucial factor is also the diet: The type of food determines the degradability. Because water evaporates, carbon is used as an energy source while nutrients are absorbed. In the end, a part of the carbon and nutrients from the waste in the form of worm humus remains. Depending on the type of feed, how much is left is different. With coffee, for example, more than green salad.

You can see the compost in the lowest working element is ripe If most of the material is degraded and there are only a few worms there. If you want to know exactly, you can find instructions for a ripening test here.

Place the lid next to the composter and place the top two work items on it (step_1 harvest). Now you have access to the bottom element with the finished compost. Take the compost out and give it to your plants. You can either use directly or store the worm humus. If you want, you can sift the compost, using the top grid.

If you find any more worms in the bottom work item, pick them out and transfer them up to the rubbish. It also does not matter if it still has worms in the finished compost, you can easily expose them when applying the compost.

After removing the worm humus from the bottom element, remove the mesh from the bottom element as well, you will not need it for the time (step_2 rotation)

After harvest
Take all three work items and place them back on the floor element, just in a different order (Step_3 Ready). The previously middle working element is now the lowest, the previously uppermost is now in the middle and the previously lowest working element is now at the top, still empty and without a grid. Always make sure that no worm looks over the edge, otherwise you would crush it.


And on you go
Your composter is ready for use again - and off you go to the next round. As soon as you have filled the top working element by about 1/3, the grid that you put aside at the beginning of the harvest can be put back in.

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