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Important for the first 12 weeks

Everything to worm food and worm happiness

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In the first few weeks, it is important to regularly keep check the food and moisture. After a while the busy compost worms get used to their new environment, and you get used to your new roommates.

Check the humidity
For the first 12 weeks, regularly check (ideally every 2-3 days) the moisture. You want to prevent it from getting too dry for the little rascals, so if it's too dry, pick up the spray bottle.

Slowly increase the amount of feed
The degradation process should be stimulated and slowly promoted. The quantities per week can be gradually increased. The weekly amount is ideally divided into the days of the week - as the waste accumulates but can also be added once a week. At e.g. 450g / week, this means 130g every two days. etc. In the beginning, maybe you want to use a balance, over time you will develop a feeling for it *.

Week 1-3: each ± 300g / week
Weeks 4-6: each ± 450g / week
Week 7-12: each ± 600g / week
Week 12+: Experiment in the range of 800g to 1000g / week
* Note that when feeding it is especially important that the layer of new, fresh waste is not thicker than ± 3 cm. Otherwise there is a risk that the composter heats up, which damages the worms.
Here's an overview of what food is ideal, and what food is rather bad for our compost worms.

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