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When the composter gets out of balance

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The lovely fruit flies.

For composting, a variety of organisms work together with the earthworms. Enchytrae, springtails and mites are the most prominent among them. They all fulfill their function in the food web and are therefore welcome guests. This includes fruit flies, which can occur as fruit wastes are composted.

The Good News first: fruit flies do not harm the worms and the process;). But are especially in copious quantities rather unpleasant roommates. Various measures can help to decimate them:

  1. Catch them with a vacuum cleaner or with fly traps (the more the better).

Trap 1: simply place a piece of fruit in a glass and cling film over it. Then you make a single small hole and the flies cannot get out. Release the flies outside.
Trap 2: vinegar & a splash of rinse water, the flies drown in it

  1. Interrupt access to breeding and feeding facilities: Lightly cover fresh fruit waste. Covering the topmost compost layer with a cardboard lid / layer of cardboard chips can also help. Air / mix the composter so that the flies escape (though that can be a bit uncomfortable for a moment;).
  2. Do not even allow fruit flies: compost less fruit, do not leave the fruit outside for a long time, wash the fruit after purchase or store it in the fridge.


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