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    Where do I place my WormUp HOME Wormcomposter?

    Basically, the WormUp HOME can be placed inside or outside, it should be a place where it does not get too hot or too cold. Avoid direct sunlight or longer periods of frost as much as possible. We recommend a protected, shady spot, for example, to be found on a wall. Or you can just put it in the hallway, kitchen or basement during the coldest time - it does not stink :).

    And does it really not stink?

    The worms love micro-organisms, and these are responsible for the smell. As the worms eat and decompose them, the stench disappears. Simple and developed over the course of hundreds, of millions, of years, of evolution.

    What if I want to go on vacation for a few weeks?

    No worries, the worms can easily go unattended for 2-3 weeks. Just feed them well before you leave.

    How long do worms live – and will they multiply?

    On average, worms live for around two years. But they can live up to eight years. They only multiply until they reach the perfect population density for the system - this keeps them in a natural balance, preventing an over or under population.

    How much can I feed?

    The first 2-3 months are starting months. The worms are getting used to their new home. In this phase, their gluttony and population increases. The speed at which your waste disappears tells you how well your composter is doing. Our composter is a great model for 1-3 person households - depending on how much you cook.

    What do the little rascals eat?

    Our worms love fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, fruit peels, teabags, egg shells or even scraps of paper and cardboard. Starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta or potatoes are moderately popular. Meat, dairy products and citrus fruits should be avoided, since the little eaters will get annoyed and could even die.

    Do the worms not come out of the composter?

    Thanks to our natural materials, the compost worms feel really comfortable in their home. So they have no reason to leave the composter. Now and then a single worm can get lost.
    The WormUp HOME is not hermetically sealed. This is intentional, so that in rare cases, when something goes wrong in the composter, the worms can come out. This is a warning sign that we need to restore balance in the composter. The cause is usually overfeeding and is quite easy to fix. If you find 10 or more worms fleeing and you need advice, feel free to contact us.

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