• Composting Worms

    Worms are one of nature's ultimate recyclers

    Composting Worms (Eisenia fetida)

    We have specifically chosen the WormUp worms because of their effectiveness and their preference for composting in a small space.

    The species Eisenia fetida is an earthworm, also known as redworm, brandlingworm, or troutworm. These types of worms remain on the soil surface, just below the fresh material (leaves in the forest and chemical waste in your kitchen).

    Of course, the composting worms do not work alone, but in a team. The micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) are the beginning: they break up the organic material and produce a pulp. The smaller the waste, the faster the process. After that, the compost worms absorb this pulp, and the best of all: it does not stink!

    We have put together an overview of what can be
    processed by this ecosystem.


    Fodder for the worms

    Because worms are more than a product to us, we take special care and supply the compost worms in a special substrate rich in microorganisms, so that they feel really comfortable and are already used to household waste.


    Local production
    We have our own farm in Switzerland. For deliveries beyond Switzerland, we collaborate with local producers closest to your home.

    Product info
    Genus: Eisenia Foetida
    Scope: about 500gr. of worms. This is a good starting population for the WormUp HOME or similar systems (size 40cmx30cm).

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