• Supporters

    These are the partners supporting us in the realization, of the urban worm composting revolution!

    Stöckli unterstützt WormUp

    Swiss Climate foundation

    The climate foundation supports WormUp's research into vermicomposting for larger amounts of waste with a considerable amount.

    venturekick unterstützt WormUp

    Venture kick

    venturekick supported WormUp as part of their accelerator program. Thanks to their financial support, we were able to invest in research and product development.  

    climate-KIC unterstützt WormUp

    Climate-KIC Schweiz

    With Climate-KIC we are supported by the largest European climate initiative. This gives us access to the European network and expertise in the field of climate protection.

    Impact Hub Zürich unterstützt WormUp, IHZ unterstützt WormUp

    Impact Hub Zürich

    As part of the Innovate4Climate Award, we gain access to the resources of the Impakt Hub Zurich. We enjoy the exchange with one of the most creative communities in Zurich.

    WWF unterstützt WormUp, WWF und  WormUp gehen Partnerschaft ein

    WWF Schweiz

    With the start-up funding from the WWF as one of the sponsors of the Innovate4Climate Award, we were able to develop the first prototypes, experiment in the lab and set up the first small worm farm.

    ZhDK unterstützt WormUp

    Inkubator für Cultural Entrepreneurship

    ZhdK supported us in the beginning with access to the workshop of the university and networking.

    HSG unterstützt WormUp

    Entrepreneurial Talents HSG

    Thanks to the Entrepreneurial Talents Grant of the ENT-HSG, we not only received additional funds to implement the prototypes but also benefit from access to the Startup @ HSG network, coaching through the HSG Startup Lab or contacts to the start-up community.

    Startup Weekend - Creative Business

    By winning the Startup Weekend, we got access to the extensive offer of the ZHdK incubator.

    Stöckli unterstützt WormUp

    Stöckli Swiss Sports AG

    With the "Urban Comfort" electro bike sponsored by Stöckli, we jet around the city with speed and elegance.

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