• The Team

    Erich Fässler von WormUp


    Worm Pope

    Erich is driven by the diversity and intelligence of nature. He feels really good in the dung heaps of the world, preferably in South America.

    At WormUp Erich is responsible for the well-being of the little wolverines. In addition to the daily care he drives the industrious helpers to new heights, with his knowledge as an environmental engineer and innovative research.

    Sarah Steiner von WormUp


    Happiness Officer

    Sarah, after spending 10 years in the management of a food company, she has been grabbed by the desire for nutritious grip.

    At WormUp, Sarah makes sure that the worm activities are headed in the right strategic direction. In addition, to her profession as a project planner, she is a passionate hobby gardener, with a keen interest in permaculture, Sarah has found her new love in the worms.

    Nikolai Räber von WormUp


    Pitching Captain

    Nikolai is driven by the desire to change something, for the sustainably, of society and nature. Always with élan, passion and plenty of Arabica coffee.


    At WormUp Nikolai works and development of the company and convinces with his pitching skills in front of every jury. Since he has already eaten a worm in front of a full audience. He also casts a critical eye on the finances.


    Head of Wormlab

    Johanna thinks in material cycles and is fascinated by food production, so she likes working with worms and other soil organisms.


    At WormUp, Johanna contributes her environmental scientific knowledge to worm research. She also works on systems for surface composting.

    Luiz Schumacher von WormUp


    Design Guru

    Luiz is the creative force with the eye for the elegant and the beautiful, simple and perfect, as a combination of nature, matter, man and freedom.

    At WormUp, Luiz creates the perfect designs for our products in the workshop, tests new shapes and experiments with materials and fabrics. As an industrial designer, he’s in his element here, can live his potential and has plenty of fun.



    Sylvain is a helping hand when it comes to translating the lyrics to French. With his voluntary commitment, he supports WormUp, so that our French worm friends can enjoy worm composting.


    Worm Ambassador

    Dennis co-founded WormUp and helped shape the first phase of StartUps.


    After completing his master's degree, Dennis now works for Swisscom and therefore no longer works for WormUp. Dennis continues to support us as a consultant, Wurmbox tester and product ambassador.

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