• WormUp HOME

    Harness the might of the worm to recycle your kitchen scraps now!

    The first sustainable ceramic worm composter

    The WormUp HOME is an organic waste recycling system for your home. It can be placed in your apartment,in the kitchen, in the basement or on your balcony. Developed as an interior object, it impresses with its simple design and the sustainable choice of materials. Thanks to the earthworms, organic waste is transformed into valuable fertilizer. The process is odorless.

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    WormUp HOME Wurmkomposter drinnen
    WormUp HOME Wurmkomposter drinnen
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    Turn your garbage into Black Gold

    In the cosmos of your composter, microorganisms and worms turn your waste into a crumbly fertilizer. Top dress any of your indoor or outdoor plants with some finished worm compost and watch what happens. You'll get better results than with any commercial fertilizer.

    Worm composting = Our passion

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    Local value creation
    in Switzerland or European Union

    WormUp HOME ACADEMY Schulung

    that we want to share with you.

    Become part of the WormUp community

    "A great and naturally obvious solution. Your Wormup inspires me." Gianna

    "I've been composting for two and a half years in two self-made plastic boxes that do not look as nice as your product. That's why I made the change." Anna

    "I am very satisfied with the product: the clay has great regulatory properties and the worms with the microorganisms work really well." Marek


    "We have been part of the WormUp family since March! Today we have "brought in" our first harvest and are quite happy with the "worm poop", ehm sorry the black gold!" Stefan


    Any questions? Checkout our FAQs.

    WormUp HOME Wurmkomposter

    Product details
    Material: Burnt clay
    Feet: sandstone
    Height: 35 cm
    Diameter: ø 40cm
    Weight: about 14kg (unfilled)
    Capacity: 0.6 - 1.3kg / week
    Not frost-proof



    WormUp ACADEMY
    Worm Compost Training with Worm Pope Erich. Currently only in Switzerland.

    Contact us for request at info@wormup.ch

    Natural resources & traditional crafts

    The WormUp HOME consists of natural clay minerals, quartz and feldspar. This material and the arrangement in segments, form the basis for a successful and easy-to-operate wormcomposter. In this combination, the WormUp HOME composter is unique.

    The clay is porous, therefore water from the waste can evaporate and it also creates an ideal climate for the worms inside the system. Changes in patina are typical of this type of production and the natural material. Each composter gets its individual touch after a while.

    The feet are made of a light red sandstone. The grids are made of galvanized steel wire with a minimum of material consumption. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard.


    WormUp HOME is a mini ecosystem. Like anything in nature, the composting process is subject to biological fluctuations. The conditions in the composter will sometimes be drier, sometimes more moist, acidic or basic, depending on what you add. Sometimes you will be able to compost much, sometimes a bit less.

    Worms are uncomplicated, frugal creatures. In your clay composter they live in down-to-earth conditions. Like all animals, ya bit of attention is required. Over time, you develop a grasp of the processes and your diligent helpers - we call it "worm feeling".

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